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Rick and Gina Pughe

Hello  HopeCity family and friends,

If you’re reading this God is obviously working in your life and stirring your interest to explore HopeCity Church. There are many fantastic churches in the greater Central Florida area. After pastoring at large mega-churches for several years, I found myself wanting more—both as a pastor and for the people that I pastored. I began to notice an alarming trend in some churches. To be fair, even a couple of the churches I pastored. I noticed the ease in which people would slip in and out without ever really connecting to the church family—seemingly becoming little more than a number.

I thought back to my pre-pastoring days. I served as a manager at a large national health and fitness club. The whole goal was to move people along the process of joining, to working out a few times, but banking on the hope that they wouldn’t really be consistently connected to the gym/health club. Reason being, if everyone showed up at the same time there wouldn’t be enough room. It just became a numbers game—very sad, and unfulfilling.

It’s with these two realities that my wife Gina and I started HopeCity Church. As we began sharing the vision that God had given us, people started catching the same passion that captured us—they too wanted more. We aren’t interested in simply building HopeCity into the next mega-church. We want to see people catch hold of a big God, that has a big plan for their lives. We want to see people catch the Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Core Values of the Christian experience. We want to BE the church, and not simply play church.

If you’re looking for a fresh start, something new, perhaps desiring more from the Christian experience, I’d love to invite you to be my guest and visit HopeCity Church, Mount Dora, FL.

Please make sure to find me and say hello. I cant wait to meet you and hear what’s happening in your life. Until then, may God bless you as you seek after Him.

God bless,
Pastor Rick