Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

The Bible is God’s Word to all people.
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Our Leaders

Our Leaders

Rick Pughe, Lead Pastor
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Our Values

Our Values

“all who believed were together and had all things in common.”
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HopeCity Church is a church family, for all generations in the Mount Dora, FL area, that will have a Gospel centered—Biblically based (sbc aligned) approach to impacting its world and reaching/developing fully devoted Christ-followers. HCC will place a special emphasis on the NEXT GEN of Christians. It’s our desire to develop a state-of-the-art worship/music team—with its own label. HopeCity Worship and HopeCity Students/Youth/Kids must be a driving force in the long range plan of HCC. HopeCity Church will also have as a part of its “big vision, bigger God” focus to develop a world class social media platform and smart apps, all this to further promote HCC “doing life together” in Christ.  #HaveHop

HopeCity Church’s vision is—JESUS! Believing all that He says, belonging to His forever family, and becoming all that He wants us to become—individually and as a church family. Expecting Him to show-up and show-off in our church and our community.

HopeCity ChurchValues

HopeCity Church Core Values—ALL people matter to God, and all people matter to HCC. HCC will (as Acts 2:24 reveals, “all who believed were together and had all things in common.” ) unapologetically live out these 6 core values. Our six unifying core values are:

  1. Engaging—God’s plan by having an all-in approach—shoulder to shoulder, shield to shield, everybody paddles. Every person wanting to be a part of HCC has to plug in to God’s plan—their serve. (29:11)
  1. Excellence—if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing with excellence. Cultivating a value of excellence takes realizing if God leads a person or people to do something, He deserves our very best.
  1. Equipping—helping people to live out their God ordained potential as realized through the basic Christian life principles of prayer, bible comprehension, godly relationships, Christian community, serving, and stewardship.
  1. Evangelism—having a church that is communicating, by all (legal, moral, ethical, and Scriptural) means afforded, in word and deed the hope and love of God found in Jesus. (1on1, H.O.N.C.’s, Bridge Events, Serve-Ops, etc.)
  1. Encouragement—encouraging individuals and families towards Christlikeness.
  1. Expansion—a constant core value for HCC, by never-ever settling for an “us-four-and-no-more” mentality. HCC will constantly seek how to further its impact through the use of technology—web/social media/TV, additional locations, multiple venues and the like.


“HopeCity Church exists to love God, love people, and bring hope to our city.”

Our Hopesters

“Pastor Rick knows how to get the message to everyone and there is never a dull moment. Everyone needs to come and check Hopecity Church out, it is great.”

-Christine Henry

“It was an amazing service and a great message.  If you are looking for a great church to receive GOD’s message to reality, then try us out. Let GOD guide you . . .”

– Fez C Irizarry Subero

“You have got to come check out HopeCity Church. There is never a dull moment in the sermons and you couldn’t ask for a better Pastor. If you are looking for a church home, look no further!”

– Becky & David Hoover