Branding and Usage Guidelines


Correct Usage

Hi there! We’ve created some guidelines to help you use our logos. Please follow the instructions, and if you have a need that isn’t met here, feel free to get in touch!

NOTE: While the logo uses lowercase letters for the name “hope city church,” when written in copy, please use the branded type: “HopeCity Church”

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

The full color logos should only be used on white or very light, solid color backgrounds.

Primary Logo Alternatives

Secondary Logo Alternatives

The monochrome versions of our logos can be helpful when the primary colors would clash. (Please note that the alternative logos are shown on colored boxes here for the sake of contrast/demonstration; the logo should not be placed in a color-fill box)

Incorrect Usage

Please don’t modify the logos or use them in a confusing way, including suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by HopeCity Church, or in a way that confuses HopeCity Church with another brand (including your own).

Do not alter the logo in any way, such as embossing, drop shadow, or changing the colors.

Do not lock up the logo with another company or organization’s logo or other text; if you think you need an exception, please contact us.